Global Taekwondo and our Instructors

Global Taekwondo is a traditionally run Taekwondo academy founded in the year 2000 by Master Stefan, qualified with a 7th Dan Black belt and Master Peter (5th Dan Black belt) both with over 30 experience and taught by Grand Master Young Youl Oh (9th Dan Black Belt)
Well versed in the study of Traditional Taekwondo and Martial arts, Global Taekwondo prides itself on teaching students of all ages the traditional art of Taekwondo, self-defense, discipline and whole body fitness, while still developing and evolving to incorperate the latest teachings and disciplines to ensure our students are prepared for anything the world has to throw at them.

What we offer

Global Taekwondo offers a clean and friendly environment to teach students of all ages the skills they need to successfully defend themselves in all life’s troubles as well as help them achieve their life goals and maintain great personal fitness.
While having fun and making new friends children are taught key skills to help gain self-esteem, discipline and focus throughout their curriculum and ranks.
Global Taekwondo helps students build the confidence to take leadership positions, and working in team environments, helping to shape and our community.
Programs are held for students of all levels and different classes are available for those wishing to excel in a specific area, such as flexibility,  strength, self-defense and personal fitness.