Global Taekwondo and our Instructors

Global Taekwondo is a traditionally run Taekwondo academy founded in the year 2000 by Master Stefan, qualified with a 7th Dan Black belt and Master Peter (5th Dan Black belt) both with over 30 experience and taught by Grand Master Young Youl Oh (9th Dan Black Belt)
Well versed in the study of Traditional Taekwondo and Martial arts, Global Taekwondo prides itself on teaching students of all ages the traditional art of Taekwondo, self-defense, discipline and whole body fitness, while still developing and evolving to incorperate the latest teachings and disciplines to ensure our students are prepared for anything the world has to throw at them.

What we offer

Global Taekwondo offers a clean and friendly environment to teach students of all ages the skills they need to successfully defend themselves in all life’s troubles as well as help them achieve their life goals and maintain great personal fitness.
While having fun and making new friends children are taught key skills to help gain self-esteem, discipline and focus throughout their curriculum and ranks.
Global Taekwondo helps students build the confidence to take leadership positions, and working in team environments, helping to shape and our community.
Programs are held for students of all levels and different classes are available for those wishing to excel in a specific area, such as flexibility,  strength, self-defense and personal fitness.

Taekwondo Kids Classes
All our classes are taught by Master Peter (5th Dan Black Belt) to assure all sutdents are looked after in the highest regard. Basic classes for our toddlers begin at the tender age of 3-5 every Saturday at 11:00am and run for 45 minutes. These classes help promote confidence, discipline and social skills in a fun environment while developing key skills in the basics of Taekwondo. Once our toddlers develop in maturity they are integrated into our beginners classes with the other students.

Students above the ages of 5 are guided through the basic curriculums of Taekwondo allowing them to progress through their ranks and develop their skills with respect to their individual needs in our beginners classes held every weekday at 4:30pm and run for 1 hour. every student is different and so special care is taken to make sure that each student is placed in the correct class to promote their growth in the most positive way.

For our more mature students who are above the ages of 7+ our intermediate classes are available to develop further skills with students of all levels. Parents and their students also train in this class side by side which allows families to develop stronger bonds together by training and developing together through Taekwondo.
Each day is designated to a different aspect of taekwondo to help each student develop a well rounded understanding of the teachings and skills required to become a capable practitioner of the Taekwondo Martial Art. From Self defense classes where students learn how to handle themselves in a variety of different altercations, Classes dedicated to curriculum and the progression of a students rank, to high intensity sparring classes that help students develop stamina, fitness, agility and strength while learning how to compete in Taekwondo tournaments all around the world. As each students needs are different this flexibility allows the student to focus on what they wish to obtain through their journey while being guided by the Head Instructors.

Every year there are a number of different competitions that enable students to test their skills and knowledge of taekwondo. From Poomsae Competitions where students perform their designated forms, designed to promote acuracy, flexibility, focus and grace to Koryugi Turnaments where students compete in a point by point sparring tournament with protective gear to test their skills in one on one matches against opponents of equal rank age and weight.
Our club participates in a variety of different tournaments from club, State, National and World championships giving our students the best experience to test themselves against opponents all around the world if they so choose.

Global Taekwondo creates opportunities: As Taekwondo is an Olympic credited sport, for those dedicated enough entrance into the Olympics is a sure possibility, with tournaments held regularly all over Victoria and even interstate to test your skills against other clubs and athletes.

Taekwondo is a great way to stay in shape and learn a formidable art in self-defense, helping with flexibility, strength, endurance, agility, confidence and an all-round benefit to general health.