Global Taekwondo and our Instructors

Global Taekwondo is a traditionally run Taekwondo academy founded in the year 2000 by Master Stefan, qualified with a 7th Dan Black belt and his son Peter (5th Dan Black belt) both with over 30 experience. Taught by Grand Master Young Youl Oh (9th Dan Black Belt) they are well versed in the study of Traditional Taekwondo and Martial arts.
Global Taekwondo is a family run martial arts academy priding itself on teaching students of all ages the traditional art of Taekwondo, self-defense, discipline and whole body fitness. 

What we offer

For our mature age studetns, Global Taekwondo allows our students to develop tried and tested self defense skills to keep you safe on the streets while developing and maintaining a great level of fitness and focus of mind. We have taken students of all ages from beginers with no experience, to seasoned martial artists of different styles and helped them develop and grow themselves for the better. Taekwondo is a great Martial Art that encompases all aspets of movement from high flexible kicking to hand to hand combat, and through the guidance of our esperienced instructors you will learn a broad range of self defense techniques derived from years of study in martial arts to keep you safe on the streets should you find yourself in trouble. 

For Personal fitness & Self-defense:

 For those who are seeking personal fitness and help with shredding a few kilos before summer, our advanced sparring & fitness classes will have you sweating and burning those calories like never before, giving you a full body workout and a lean figure while learning martial arts. Classes are also available Self-defense, helping to empower you with the skills & confidence to defend yourself against any attacker.

Global Taekwondo creates opportunities:

 As Taekwondo is an Olympic acredited sport, for those dedicated enough entrance into the Olympics is a sure possibility. There are regular Tournaments held all over Australia and the world which our members can gain access to in order to test their skills and push themselves to new heights in the world of compedative Sports Taekwondo. 
For students who wish to focus on the skills and grace of Taekwondo, competitons are held for accuracy and precision when performing the many forms and patterns taught troughout Taekwondo. These Tournaments are known as Poomsae Tournaments and help student to hone their skills of flexibility, strenght, focus and precision when executing the intricate manouvers of a each form. 

Taekwondo is a great way to stay in shape and learn a formidable art in self-defense, helping with flexibility, strength, endurance, agility, confidence and an all-round benefit to general health.