The Heart, the Stillness and the Monkey

The Heart, the Stillness and the Monkey


The Heart, the Stillness and the Monkey

Upon reading this, I am sure you will have many questions, but the one that may trump them all will most likely be this one;
What does this have to do with martial arts? Everything!

“The stillness in stillness is not the real stillness; only when there is stillness in movement does the universal rhythm manifest.” ~ Bruce Lee

We are all slaves to our monkey minds and the random stressors and incoherent thoughts that plague our day to day thoughts, from what we are going to eat, to how do I organise my day and the ever so annoying thoughts that just randomly pop into our minds which seem to have little to no relation to the tasks that we are focusing on. Until we begin to turn the tables and tame the metaphorical monkeys in our mind and allow ourselves to gain control of our thoughts. Martial artists are no different, you must still your mind so to focus your thoughts

and allow your body to react when necessary, being in the moment, and not bombarded with random thoughts when danger strikes. It is not just in this moment but also within your training that this stillness and connection can serve to benefit you on many levels. Imagine what kind of results you will accomplish when you can focus solely on what you need to achieve, while allowing your heart to nurture and guide you with an ageless wisdom collected by the countless lives that have lived before you. Most martial artists have seen the movie “No Retreat No Surrender” where the spirit of Bruce Lee comes to teach the kid martial arts. What if you could connect with the spirit of great masters who have long since passed and have their guidance through your lives as a martial artist? Would that not be a skill worth having? Too many martial artists are forgetting that Martial arts is not just the journey of the body but also of the mind and most importantly the SPIRIT. Martial arts to me is not a contest of who can hit the hardest… or who has the most medals. It is a journey of self-discovery, allowing us to tap into our hidden potentials and achieve greatness in all aspects of our lives while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and learning to defend ourselves against the evils that plague the world we live in.

It’s safe to say that everyone in today’s society has felt the pressures of day to day living, and all that comes with it. From the somewhat quiet suburbs to the hustle and bustle of the city, we have all had those moments when our head feels like it’s about to explode from the pressures in our individual lives. The key word there is “Individual” for no two people have the same lives, nor the same stressors. Someone who works the standard 9-5 job will experience different stress to someone who runs a multifaceted company. We are all different in our life experiences and levels of stress that we manage in our day to day activities, but one thing is certain, we all experience stress in one way or another and this is what this article is about, how to deal with this stress.

The word ‘Monkey Mind’ is etched into my mind whenever I think of stress, and that constant chatter of somewhat incoherent to irrelevant thoughts which don’t seem to be helping solve the problems we are facing at the times. This is what I refer to as the Monkey mind. If only our monkey would go to sleep, or pack its bananas and go on a holiday so we can compose our thoughts and have some piece of mind……. Perhaps it can, if we know how to tame it. The answers lie within ourselves, locked away in our heart centre, and the keys we need to gain access to these answers are found in stillness.  

We have all heard the terms “Follow your Heart,” “Let your Heart Guide you,” “knowing it off by Heart” and so on. But what makes the heart so powerful that it can command such insight into topics, choices and our day to day living? Is it not just a pump that pushes blood around our body? Yes, it is, but it is also so much more. To understand the full scope of what our hearts are capable of this requires a detailed look into the many fields of science that are studying the heart and its higher functions. Did you know that on a microscopic level the heart and the tissues that make form its structure have a similar makeup to that of our brain, and that it sends just as much signals to our brain than our brain does to our heart?
For more information about this topic and others like it check out the studies done by the people at and watch their video for an in-depth look at our hearts and its capabilities  

Allowing yourself to slow down for a moment, and just be still, closing our eyes and slowing but maintaining our breath at a deep and even pace, focusing our thoughts inwards towards your heart centre and its intuitive powers.

When we quiet our mind in this manner, we are tuning into the higher frequencies of our heart centre. From this stillness we can begin to calm and quiet our internal monkey, and allow ourselves to gather our thoughts, and slowly work through them.
We tend to think the answers to our issues are found outside in the world somewhere, perhaps in a book, or some random blog article we are reading *wink wink* but this is only one way of finding our answers for inside our own body is a divine spark that allows us to connect to a universal source that can help guide us back onto our paths and is always looking out for our best interest.
So…. how do we connect to this divine spark? What is the password to this magical Wi-Fi network that will give us all knowing wisdom and guidance throughout our life?

It is within YOU!
locked away in our hearts waiting for us to turn the key and let it free.

Our hearts carry a high vibrational frequency that is constantly sending signals back and forth to our soul’s divine origins helping our physical vehicle to manoeuvre through life’s hurdles and come out the other side larger and brighter than when we entered. It is guiding us, keeping us out of trouble…. And sometimes getting us in trouble, so that we may learn a much needed lesson to aid us in future endeavours.
We are put on this earth to learn and grow in mind body and spirit. We experience love, loss, fear, anger and a whole cocktail of different emotions and situations that teach us what it is to be human, helping us grow stronger and wiser with each day that passes. Think of it as one big elementary school where in order to graduate you must complete each task that has been set for you allowing you to elevate higher in grades and into a new school. If you fail your grade you will have to repeat it…. Again… and again, until the tasks and lessons you need to learn are fulfilled.

This state of mind is hard to reach when our monkey mind is active, and so we must first learn how to tame our monkey in order to hear our hearts true whispers and connect to its vibrational frequencies.

So how does “Stillness” fit into all of this?
When we are Still and quiet in mind we can begin to turn the key that locks our higher heart and the frequencies it holds, allowing us to access its wisdom on a much higher level than before. In doing so allowing us to find that inner peace of mind and quiet pace where we can calmly analyse our thoughts and tasks with a lasers focus while always being guided lovingly by our higher heart centre.
But it is only by diligently practicing this method of stillness that we can begin this inward journey.

From our heart centre we can feel the interconnectedness of all walks of life on this planet. Within this interconnected web we begin to see our faults, our fears and all that keeps us from achieving our goals. But don’t be afraid of these revelations, rather meet them with open arms, analyse and work through them with the guidance of your higher heart centre, for only then can you truly be free from them and move forward in life.

It is this connectedness that binds us, and through it helps us to understand life in a more meaningful way.

Our Subconscious mind is very powerful and has deep connections with the frequencies of our heart centre and the vibrations it holds, this can be observed when people claim to have brilliant ideas or visions within their dreams or in meditation like states. It is when we connect to these higher frequencies that these ‘aha’ moments occur and we can gain a greater insight into things that have trumped us in our plans, or that inspiration we need to create something beautiful. Some of the greatest minds and talents of the last hundred years have been quoted stating that ‘it came to them in a dream’. You wouldn’t think it but it is true, some very well-known people and their ideas were a manifestation of a single dream, or an unconscious but conscious state;

Google and its creators Larry Page and Sergey Brin got the idea for “downloading the entire web onto computers” when it came to Larry in a dream during his early 20’s, He was quoted in the April 9, 2012 edition of Fortune Magazine saying “I spent the middle of that night scribbling out the details and convincing myself it would work.”

From The Periodic Table, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, The Sewing Machine, to the famous play Frankenstein and Box office hit Terminator, all of these accomplishments and more have been accredited to their creators having seen it in a dream, or some unconscious state of mind that allowed them to connect to ‘something’ that gave them the ideas and inspiration they needed to turn these dreams into something so grand that it shaped the world we live in today.
Visit the link below to view all of the stories in more detail;  

And so I ask you now…. Will you take the first steps into the light towards unlocking your own heart centre and training your own monkeys? Or will you remain in the shadows a slave to the monkeys that run rampant through your mind?
Whatever you choose, remember it is your choice alone and you hold all the keys

If so, allow yourself to take that deep breath…. calm the monkey…… and be still my friends, for we all have greatness within us… we just have to turn the key and set it free.
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