What is Challenging Life?

What does ‘Challenging Life’ mean to you?

Our slogan was created in the midst of a discussion between 3 men who came together to co-create something spectacular. We all had our own unique ideas and for the most part of our conversations there was more butting heads than actual creating being done, but in that madness this slogan came to me, “Challenge Life”…… Life was challenging me at these moments to truly make sure I really wanted this, and it does so in everything we set out to achieve, to push us into breaking points, to bring us down to our bare naked essence, and in some cases lying in a puddle of our own blood sweat and tears asking ourselves why we began to do it in the first place.
This is the universes way of testing if you TRULY, ABSOLUTELY, 100%, WITHOUT A DOUBT want what you’re asking for. If you can complete these challenges that life throws your way then you are greeted at the finish line with all that you desired when you began and so much more, because you have now developed such an appreciation for that which you asked for, and its because you had to work for it.
Who here reading this can honestly say they truly appreciated something that they were given when it was given to them without a struggle, without a second thought, BAM! Here you go…. OH, WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH…. And then a little time goes by and that thing you received is now collecting dust in the corner because you have a new thing you just bought or got from a friend or family member. There was appreciation for it but it didn’t last because you weren’t ‘challenged’ enough to receive it, and those who have fought for something so much and finally go it will understand what I’m trying to say here.
When you are truly challenged in life for something you want to achieve, it makes it so much sweeter when you finally grasp it, and if you gave up before you got to the finish line then you never really wanted it in the first place, otherwise you would never have given up.

There are many analogies and examples that come to my mind when I think of this and the list is endless, but I will give you my own.
When I came out of high school I wanted to become an electrician, I thought I wanted to build robots and work with circuits because I was always hands on and loved pulling things apart to figure out how they worked then trying to make something new with the parts. But then life threw some challenges my way; first I signed up for electrical engineering and then found out all the theoretical work I would need to do and that pushed me off the path to then seek an apprentice in the field as a commercial electrician. I applied for many jobs and got to the third stage of an interview with a powerline company but lost out at the final interview to someone with more experience. Then I began an apprenticeship trial with a commercial electrician who at first was highly keen on signing me up and from what I could observe at the time was pleased with my work demeanour and character. I was meant to begin my apprenticeship a month after my 2-week trial in a city building until the building was deemed unsafe due to asbestos, so I was put on the sideline until it cleared up which was 6 months at the time. 6 months turned into a year and I was no closer to my goals and completely disheartened by the ordeal that I quit trying to get into the field.

Shortly after I began soul searching and decided that I love my martial arts and I love learning new and exciting things that are out of the normal mindset of modern society, so I decided to begin studying as an acupuncturist with the intention of beginning my own clinic/martial arts club where I could teach Taekwondo and treat and heal people in the one place.
This was my goal!

In my first year of uni I was energised and ready to take on the world, absorbing all that came my way and learning as much as I could… then the challenges began………First was a big breakup with my girlfriend of 3 years which had me going through an emotional rollercoaster and eventually switch my focus towards going out and partying instead of studying.
Second was the lack of knowledge in wester biology and lack of interest because all I wanted to learn was the eastern philosophies and teachings.
Third was the lack of money flow that came after my first year which forced me to seek more employment during my studies…. And so on, and so on…….

But this time I didn’t let it stop me…. I really loved what I was learning and I was willing to let nothing stand in my way and stop me from reaching my goals.
I dropped all my subjects but the western sciences so I could focus on them solo and after failing them more times than I could count I finally passed them and began to understand more than I knew about the world before I began this journey. I took up 3 extra jobs which completely obliterated my weekends and social life to pay off my debts and get back up on top financially and then began attending full time studies all the way through to the end and developed my focus towards that end goal.

This was only one aspect of the challenges that life threw my way and is still throwing my way. There were bigger blocks placed on my path in the area of the martial arts club that me and my father re-commenced in 2014 and I could go on. But the purpose of this was to give you my own personal example of the challenges that can be thrown your way to MAKE CERTAIN that what your asking the universe is something you truly seek with all your heart and soul.

One thing I must mention here is that life is not a bully with a magnifying class burning ants on a hill and we are not the ants getting burnt just for a laugh. Everything I had to overcome along the way has helped shape me into the man I am today and all of these blocks and challenges that life placed in my path were not just obstacles to bulldoze through, but tasks that had to be met and mastered in order to shape me into the person I had to become to completely realise my goals and achieve them with the highest intentions

Today I have a centre I can call my own, teaching over 250 students 6 days a week and treating patients in Chinese medicine and Acupuncture.
It took me 9 years of hard work, sacrifice and many physical and emotional rollercoasters but I did it, I reached my goal to have a place that I can do both of the things I love and I rose up and mastered all of life’s challenges, I embraced each and every one of them and used them as the stepping stones that got me past the raging waters across the shore safely and with more strength, focus, determination and wisdom than when I first began.
But my journey has only just begun and now I have a new set of goals to achieve, and I’m ready to take on all that life has to offer me along the way!

So, ask yourself these questions;
What do you want out of life? What does your heart truly desire? Are your ready to “Challenge” your life?

If the answers are yes, and you are ready, then go out into the world and embrace all that life has to offer you!
Accept the challenge and rise up to meet it!
Challenge your life!

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best of luck on your journey!
With love & Gratitude

Master Peter

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    Hello how are you?

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    Usually I like to critisize but now I really agree with every word and I have even nothing to addcomment more.

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