GMA Fitness Academy has now installed a complete and operational heating and cooling system for those hot summer days and cold winters. Thank you to all the support of our students, parent’s friends and families who have followed our journey throughout the years. We are a Professional full time Martial Arts and Fitness centre operating in the Caroline Springs / Ravenhall Area.


With a combined 100+ years of experience in the field, we opened our centre to introduce students of all ages to the world of Martial Arts and the benefits it can create in our daily lives. Whether you’re searching for Confidence, Discipline, Personal Fitness, Strength and Endurance, Self-defence or Flexibility, our instructors are ready and willing to accommodate your needs. Our center is open to people of all ages to learn, train and grow in a safe, friendly, and fun environment. Book your free trial and begin your journey with us today. All our instructors are equipped with high levels of experience and rank in their respective fields with the necessary accreditation required to instruct their classes, offering the best teaching and guidance to all who wish to attend their classes. Martial Arts is a great way to stay in shape while learning something that can one day save your life if placed in harm’s way.