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Jiu Jitsu

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Jiu Jitsu

Japanese martial art Jiu Jitsu (also spelled Jujitsu or Ju Jitsu) emphasizes grappling techniques and submission holds as a means to gain control of an opponent and ultimately overcome your adversary. Jujitsu is a close-quarter fighting art that utilizes specific skills such as throwing, striking, and grappling under pressure.

Jiu-Jitsu was created in feudal Japan by samurai warriors who needed a way to protect themselves from a variety of armored and unarmored assailants. As a result of its meteoric rise in popularity, Brazilian Jujitsu has brought a lot of Western eyes to the art of Jujitsu, with several tournaments and championships now held all over the globe.

Keeping to the roots of the original art of the samurai, our instructors focus on teaching the core principles of martial arts along with a heavy focus on self-defense while developing physical health, mental acuity, and general well-being.


“The passion for improving the students ability is key at GMA. Peter is amazing and all my kids look up to him as inspiration to achieve better. The set up is complimentary to the learning of students and its a welcoming environment. The instructors all take the time with individual needs and I know they are in good hands. We have tried others and found the kids wanting to return to GMA as opposed to me pushing them to go. Hands down a great place for TKD!”
Troy Cobbin

“The team at GMA Fitness and Global Taekwondo are just amazing. From Master Peter to all of his trainers and Sue, they are the epitome of professionalism. They’re not only knowledgeable in all aspects of Taekwondo, they know how to relate to young children and take the time to help and mentor them with kindness, and in a calm and professional manner. It’s obviously they love what they do and I couldn’t recommend them more.”
Merqtoosha Camilleri-Medina

“Despite all the set backs caused by Covid-19 over the past 2 years with industry shutdowns. Peter and his team managed to arrange a professional training program that was conducted live via zoom 5 days a week every week to ensure all his students continued to learn and progress with their training. A massive task that worked flawlessly while other academies simply shutdown. Well done and thank you for keeping the kids motivated and focused during a trying time.”
Jason Farrugia

“I have trained at GMA Fitness Academy for more than 10 years in both Taekwondo with Master Peter and Japanese Ju Jitsu with Shihan Jordan and i highly recommended this club to anyone who is willing to learn and keep fit. Peter is a great teacher, who is passionate and caring. Peter is now teaching all 3 of my children Taekwondo and they always enjoy training twice a week. Peter has a lot of knowledge in Martial arts and provides a lot of attention to his students and is genuinely interested in teaching students Taekwondo.”