Group Fitness Classes

Wanting to shed a few extra kilos?

Getting ready for beach season?
or has the holiday season been TOO generous?
Whatever your reasons, Group & Personal fitness classes will get your heart pumping and those callories burning!

Our classes are great for getting back in shape, 

and sheading some extra weight. Our instructors are blessed with over 20 years of experience in martial arts. Keep fit & Healthy with high level cardio and strength training for those who realy want to move, and low level exercises for beginers. Classes are designed to get your heart racing while at the same time learning key skills in the art of self defense and how to protect yourself.

Dr Peter is also a qualified Doctor of Chinese medicine & Acupuncture which offers our clients unique dietary and lifestyle advice while ensuring there are no dangers in specific exercises for those who have sensitive issues that have plagued their lives for far too long such as knee and back injuries etc.

With all that said, there is nothing to stop you from attending one of our classes and bear witness yourself to all that we offer.

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M.0414 824 973 (Peter)